WWE superstars height

13 May

WWE giants who are extremely tall

WWE has hired big giants. These giants are extremely tall and healthy that even their presence on the stage can give chills to their opponents. Excited to know WWE superstars height?
According to you who exactly is the tallest member of WWE. You might have heard that randy is 6’5, yup that is cent percent true. But, do you know randy doesn’t stand anywhere in front of the big giants. Here are the big giants of WWE who are extremely tall.

#1 Giant Gonzalez
Giant Gonzalez is the tallest man in the history 0f WWE. The officials of WWE have confirmed that he is 8’0 tall.
Wait is that true?
Yes, it is true. He also holds a Guinness world book record with himself for the tallest man in the history of WWE. Remember, WrestleMania 9 where he is stood tall in front of the deadman undertaker. Though Gonzalez has not gained much popularity in WWE but we can never forget him because of his giant height.

#2 Kevin Nash
With his charming looks, he was always a lady’s man. Kevin Nas. WWE claimed that Kevin nash is 7’0 feet tall. But in reality, he is 6’10 which is also very big. He was very famous for his long legs and manly behavior.

#3 Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan was my favorite childhood superstar. Personally speaking, I loved him for his attitude, wrestling ethics and of course for his physique. Hulk is 6’8 long with 323 lbs which are huge.

#4 Braun Strowman
How can we miss the monster among men Braun Strowman? Did you saw?
How he destroyed the big dog in payback. Brawn strowman The monster among man is 6’8 and he even looks taller because of his big muscular build.

#5 The Undertaker
The deadman undertaker has recently retired from the WWE. It was a very sad and disappointing moment for his fans as he lost his retirement to young chap Roman Reigns. The deadman is 6’11 and can leave any of his opponent to chills. That was the power of the deadman. Hope we can see him soon in WWE.

#6 The big show
Big show is the world’s heaviest man weighing around 500 lbs and 7’0 ft. tall. Recently, in a fight between Brawn strawman and big show things went little frightening when Brawn suplex big show and the ring broke. By this, you can think of the power of both brawn and the big show.

#7 The great Khali
We conclude our list with the tall and healthy Punjabi guy from India the great Khali.
The Punjabi Knightmare great Khali rose to fame with his match against some of the famous WWE superstars like john Cena, undertaker and big show. Khali is 7’1ft tall and is almost one-third greater than the height of Rey Mysterio.

Hope WWE big giants can live up to their expectations of body index.


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