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Royal Rumble is WWE’s one of the most entertaining and loved pay per view event. Royal Rumble has been fought 29 times in WWE with six WWE stars who won the championship multiple times. Here are some of the best WWE superstars who won the royal rumble.

#Edge Winning Rumble in 2010

Edge royal rumble victory is one of the most unexpected victories in the history 0f WWE.
He entered the Rumble ring at a 29th position leaving everyone in shock including Chris Jericho his tag team partner. Edge used his position and somehow managed to survive till the end with John Cena. In the end, Edge eliminated John Cena and won the Rumble title.There was huge pop in the crowd as they were happy Edge winning the title.

#The Rock winning rumble in 2000

The 2000 royal rumble match did n0t have many big names apart from rock and the big show.
Rock and big show were the last two men standing in the rumble ring. Rock managed to throw the big giant big show outside the rumble ring and won the rumble. Rock the people favourite wrestler left everyone in delight in 2000 Rumble.

#The Undertaker winning rumble in 2007

The dead man was one of the toughest opponents in the WWE history who gave chills to his opponents. Taker entered the Rumble ring in #30 position and became the first person to win the title at 30 spots. Undertaker destroyed the great Khali and thrown him outside the ring. In the end, Undertaker managed to win the title by defeating Shawn Michaels by his finishing move the chokeslam.

#Roman Reigns winning rumble in 2015

The big dog is one of the most amazing wrestlers in the history of WWE. He entered the Rumble ring at #19 position leaving the authority stunned. The crowd booed the WWE superstar.
ReIGNS destroyed some of the biggest stars and were left with Kane and the big show in the final three. Both Kane and big show tried their best to suppress and destroy the big
dog. But Roman somehow managed to eliminate both Kane and the Big Show. Roman was one of the best wrestlers who performed in the rumble.

# RANDY ORTON ( The Viper) winning
rumble in 2009

Randy Orton is one of the smartest players in WWE. His rumble winning is considered as one of the quickest wins. Orton enters the rumble ring at #8 position but somehow managed to survive till the end of the rumble. Orton was not very much active in the ring whereas triple h and big show were eliminating other WWE superstars. But Orton, in the end, played smart and eliminated Triple h and a Big Show from winning the title.


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