5 Richest WWE superstars

Born filthy rich WWE superstars

WWE with itself brings an enormous amount of name, fame and of course money. Wrestlers make tons of money. Some of the highest paid WWE superstars are John Cena, Triple H, The rock and the Undertaker.

But do you know superstars who were born with a silver spoon? here is the list of WWE superstars who were born a millionaire. Excited to know who are top 5 Richest WWE superstars. Here is the list.

#1 Bret Hart
Bret Hart is one of the most famous wrestlers and legend of WWF era. Bret Hart with his ring name Hitman gained popularity at early days of his wrestling career. Bret Hart is the son of Stu Hart. Stu Hart ran a successful wrestling school named as The Hart Dungeon. some of the famous wrestlers were trained under the wrestling school of Stu Hart. Bret hart was born in rich and royal Canadian family. Also, with his hall of fame career, Bret Hart made sure that his family never fear of financial crisis.

#2 Kane
Kane one of the finest wrestler and also my childhood favorite was super popular for his theme song, mask, his brother the undertaker etc. Kane was born as Glen Jacobs. Kane was born in Spain. Soon, they move back to United states. Kane belongs to air force family. His father was an air force piolet and one of the most reputed men of air force army of United states.

#3 Randy Orton
The R.K.O. is one of the most successful wrestlers of recent time. Orton has built a hall of carrier just like John Cena. Randy father is “Cowboy” Bob Orton who himself is a big name in the WWF era. Bob Orton great carrier represents the skills he has forwarded to randy.
Randy Orton has definitely beaten his father in both fame and fortune.

#4 John Cena
Oh, how can we forget John Cena? It might true that we can’t see him but we cannot ignore his richness. John Cena in an interview said that the only reason for him becoming the wrestler his father. Cena’s dad owns a wrestling federation called Millenium Wrestling Federation.

#5 David Otunga
Otunga’s parents are so filthy rich that for his secondary schooling he went to Harvard Law School. What else we can say else. Going to Harvard requires enormous money. By this, you can get the estimate about the richness of David Otunga.

These are the 5 Richest WWE superstars who are born rich.

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